National SIM League

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when organizing any mass or sport event was prohibited, the Hungarian race drivers had no real opportunity to compete against each other, or to practice in a real racecar.

As it is important for them to maintain they shape both physically and mentally, we felt the urge to ensure them some kind of competition, and last but not least, we wanted to serve the motorsport fans as well, as they couldn’t watch any race during the pandemic.

That’s how the idea of the National SIM League was born. The championship was running in the virtual world of iRacing, which is a really popular and professional simulator. The six week championship started with a test run, where the drivers got the hang of the e-sport procedures, and could give us some feedbacks.

However the goal of the championship was to ensure the real drivers some practice during the pandemic, the championship was open to anyone who play on simulator. This served two purposes: the simulator drivers could compete against their role models, and we could scout talented drivers who had no opportunity to drive in a real racecar.

The championship was broadcasted live on our Youtube channel in order to give the motorsport fans a chance to watch races and cheer during the pandemic. Before every round, the popular reporter, Zoltán Szujó had a chat with simulator sport experts and drivers, and after the races they analyzed together the battles and happenings of each round.