Social responsibility

On all of our events, one of the main goals is to be environmentally-friendly, and to leave as little ecological footprint as possible. We are intend to comply with the regulations and guidelines of the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission, and in order to comply, we try our best to inform the entrants and spectators on a digital platform instead of flyers and printed documents, and we obligate the teams and entrants for selective waste collection, especially when it comes to hazardous waste like used fuel and tyres.

Our other mission is to promote road safety, so on most of our events there is a special Road Safety Park, managed by the Hungarian Police Rally Team.

In the Hungarian Police Rally Team’s Road Safety Park the instructors educate mainly youngsters in a playful way for the dangers of driving on public roads. They raise awereness for the danger of doing selfies, drinking and doing drugs, texting and making phone calls while driving.